An all round science designed to develop body, mind and soul

What I myself am learning from an accomplished master of yoga and sharing with others is known as Rajadhiraja Yoga. Broadly speaking, it is not a style, but a school of yoga that includes a variety of yogic practices.

In terms of the practice of yogic postures or asanas – which is only one of the eight parts or limbs of Patanjali's Ashtanga Yoga that Rajadhiraja uses as its base – the emphasis is not only on vigor of execution, but also on proper positioning, proper breathing, and a quiet but persistent flow of movement.

Asanas are often popularly referred to as “the physical yoga”. However, they do not only tone the muscles, increase flexibility and improve posture through alignment in a most effective way; but also by balancing the secretion of hormones they are profoundly effecting the endocrine glands and restoring thus our psychic and emotional well-being.

The practice can be Hatha or dynamic Vinyasa oriented, with the unique breath work of Rajadhiraja. This is important because vital energies in the body known collectively as prana are to be awakened and moved in the right way during the carry out of asanas, so that specific glands as well as their non visible, energetic counterparts known as cakras - which according to yogic science are determining our all round health - can be strenghtened and balanced.